My Short Stories

I am new to this.  New to writing.  I came up with an idea for a novel and feel very strongly that I can develop it into something special.  But, I had to acknowledge the obvious.  I am new to this.

Although I have had the good fortune of attending quality schools, my formal education is one of Economics and Finance.  I’ve received no formal training in writing, other than the scattering of English and creative writing classes I skipped through along the way.  I claim to offer no professional advice.  I am not trying to sell you anything or stir up business.  I simply want to develop my skills and learn the craft of writing.  While these stories are, in a way, practice, I care deeply about the work I post here.  Your opinions and contributions are invaluable to me.  I thank you for them.

I claim no overriding theme to my writing.  Each story stands on its own unless otherwise noted (who knows what the future brings).  There is no plan, no overarching connection.  Basically, I think of something I find interesting and write.

As a result of my condition (Dysautonomia/POTS), what I’ve endured along with my imagination has created some ideas and plenty of inspiration.  And while not explicitly cited, its effects are readily apparent in most of my work.  But, please know, this is not a place for me to complain about how tough life is.  This is not some ploy for pity and understanding. We’ve all got shit to deal with in life, that’s just how it goes.  Many online support groups, I used to frequent, evolved very quickly into breeding grounds for self-pity and perpetual loathing.  At the risk of sounding harsh, I do not respect such attitudes.

I consider myself fortune by any objective measure.  When I look around I find myself alive in the future.  I have food when I want it, entertainment on demand, temperature control to the degree and humidity and all the information and tools available through a magic device in my pocket.  Finding the other important things like friendship and companionship may be difficult, but not impossible.

My stories will have some heavy dark, depressing themes, but only because I enjoy exploring those things.  I plan on climbing out of this pit soon, and once I am out, I will likely continue with these types of stories.